About Us

The Business was started in January 1997. We are a family owned and operated business right here on our farm. We do all the work right here, we do not sub out our work, we take pride in our work. We like repeat customers. We farm and raise Texas Longhorns and Quarter Horses.

Phone# 417-753-4344

rtmferrier@yahoo.com  This is how you will get us the photos to us. In . jpeg format

Tonya & Randy Ferrier

6325 E. Hwy 60

Rogersville, MO 65742

Starting in January 1, 2010 I want you to submit a sticker or a license plate design. And we will pick 1 WINNER per month and you will recieve a free sticker or plate of your submittion. Just emil us a .jpeg format of a pic or drawing to : rtmferrier@yahoo.com  tag with the line of contest-ferriers.  Now come on I want to see some good ones. It can be what you think is funny or maybe an old-school that isn't in print nomore but you would like to have one.